Trying casino staff

A. Assume a friendly tone when you feel down

To severe, serious expression first of all turns off the dealer and secondly, if you play well, it gives a signal to the floorman that a card-counter is playing.

Therefore, relax, smile, and make yourself comfortable, as if you are just a tourist who has some fun.

B. Did you study the name of the distributor on the label she uses

if her name is “Nancy” for example, she likes to start the saying of the session, “Hi, Nancy, how is he going?” If she is friendly, fine. An additional toke at the right time will get her maybe to hand out an extra round of cards. Although she will not do this, a friendly dealer can be helpful, conscious or unconsciously. If she sees you’re willing to toke, maybe a slight gesture after she peeks at your hole card gives away its relative value.

C. Study distributor movements and gestures

Most players are so busy studying their card totals that they never pay attention to the dealer. I look to see how she deals, how she mixes, how she peeks. From these things can give away some valuable information. I was able to follow the progress of an ace-10 with a shuffle, all the way to the top. I cut the cards so the ace and the 10 were on top of the deck, and I bet that more than I usually did, knowing their position.

Watch how the dealer peeks at your cards. Does she lift the card anymore, after stiff shows her face to her? Does she quickly stain 10? Just one single piece of information at the right time can make you a lot of money, or conversely, save you the penalty of a big loss.

After she peeks, watch how she puts her two cards together. Sometimes, information can be gleaned with this inoffensive gesture. A dealer satisfied with his hand, knowing he has 10 down for the 20 hard totals, can place the cards carefully together, or leave them slightly apart. The last movement is more common. The dealer knows that he will not have to hit his hand and that he will probably collect from all the players facing him, so he slips the bottom card, his hole card, one side so he can turn it around quickly and show his 20 and get on with your picking up the bets losing the player.

Or the hungry distributor for the tokes may want you to win, so when he has a stiff total, he is in a hurry, his body language saying hurry up, do not take a card, let me bust. A dealer changes speed in distribution cards while players act or stand, see what this means.

Most of the time, you can not get anything from the gestures or movements of a dealer. But there is always the chance that he will give away something at some point. Maybe he has distracted, maybe something in his mind, and maybe he just saw his girlfriend walking through the casino with another man. Maybe? who knows? But be always alert in the table.

D. Act as if you are not really paying the full attention that

you want to create a character that is kind of indifferent to the game. Of course, you are interested in your own hand and the dealer but you do not really care that much about the other players’ cards. You can pay some attention to them outside, because in the course of a game, players watch other players make their moves. That is natural curiosity. But do not look like an account machine. Balance the account quickly as it happens and then relax. Do not keep staring back and forth across the table. The floorman will stain that movement.

When you know you have played the last round, and have been patted with your 17 duros, do not pay any more attention to the game. Look around the casino, lean back and relax. There is really no reason to pay attention to anything. You will win, push or lose your bet, and nothing you want change that. And the dealer is going to mix up anyway. So why pay attention?

This relaxed attitude pays dividends. You will avoid a lot of casino heat.

E. Hire Floorman to the conversation that

I like to start out by asking how the food is in the buffet or the dining room. If I am playing a $ 25 game, I will automatically get comp for me and my party. I talk to him about other things too. If he has a name tag with his hometown, I mention that he was in that state not long before. I am giving the appearance of paying attention to him and not to the table and the other players. Usually, it works and it will go out, sign a comp ticket and it will bring me back to wish luck and license.

If he is not interested in my little talk and is really scrutinizing my game, I will not make a stupid losing move just to assuage him. I figure he’s on to me, and it’s time for me to get out of the casino.

I can ask where the men’s room is and just get up and go there for ten minutes. I will return and if he has gone, I can continue playing. If he is still on my table or comes over right when I come back, I will shake my head and tell him my stomach hurts really and I will go.

F. If the Floorman asks for countermeasures, do not lag behind in the table that

the following are the standard countermeasures in order of increase. We will start with the weakest.

Standard casino countermeasures:

1. The dealer mixes up more often. 2. The dealer mixes up after each round of the game, if I change my bet. 3. The floorman informs me that I can not alter my bet. 4. The dealer mixes up after each round whether or not I alter my bet. 5. The dealer does not even deal with me. 6. The floorman asks me to leave the table. 7. The floorman calls over a security guard while telling me this. 8. The floorman wants my full name and ID proof. 9. They accompany me to the cashier’s cage to make sure they pay me and get out of there.

If the casino’s countermeasures begin, do not let them get out of hand. You have rights, but they have security guards and energy at that moment. Do not fight them. Do not argue or ask questions. Fair leave.

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