The Effects of Gambling on Workers

The prominence of gambling in different countries is observed nowadays. Whether blue or white collar workers, they are attracted to the various games offered in gambling establishments such as casinos. Due to the increasing popularity of gambling among workers, it is possible that their gambling behavior or addiction may be brought to their workplaces. In this regard, the existence of gambling in the workplace inspired experts to study the trend as well as identify the impact of workplace gambling on workers and the business sector.

Gambling is commonly defined as any event that can yield uncertain results that also features the betting of any material thing as well as money. Workplace gambling is usually seen by employees as another way of relaxation and having fun. However, they fail to see that bringing their gambling behavior in the workplace can cause serious outcomes that may threaten employee and industrial productivity.

Several researches found that one of the negative effects of workplace gambling is the increase rate of employee absenteeism and tardiness in a particular company. In addition to employee absenteeism, it is also possible that workplace gambling can lead to inefficient services offered to clients, white collar crimes such as fraud and theft, as well as improved health claims filed by employees.

Social analysts found that employees who engage in any unofficial gambling event held in their offices are experiencing addiction to gambling and may be suffering from the medical condition known as compulsive gambling. According to experts, executives and corporate heads or managers can determine who the gambling addicts among their workers are by simply observing their attitudes towards their colleagues and their work.

Just like any other medical conditions and illnesses, patients suffering from compulsive gambling exhibit symptoms. Workers who are experiencing gambling addiction talk much about their winnings. These workers also fail to efficiently do their responsibilities in the company. In addition, they are observed to be frequently borrowing money from their co-workers.

Because of the existence of gambling in the workplace, social analysts encourage the business sector to develop regulations and policies to prevent workplace gambling from becoming prominent. It is important that the heads of the personnel departments of companies know the threats posed by workplace gambling to the productivity of their firms.

The occurrence of gambling in the workplace can be another way of increasing the income of workers. But it is proven that workplace gambling is one of the factors affecting low productivity of workers and enterprises. Gambling in the workplace has positive effects, however, if workers cannot control themselves from being addicted to gambling, it is necessary that personnel department heads act upon the situation and introduce company rules that prohibit the existence workplace gambling.

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